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Benjamin Fechner is a patent attorney in Germany with a background in physics and economics. Benjamin specializes on startup companies. He counsels and represents clients in matters related to intellectual property rights such as patents, trade marks and designs. His practice extends to patent prosecution, licensing, opposition and litigation. His experience encompasses the design and implementation of an international employee invention remuneration scheme and the development and implementation of a long-term patent portfolio value optimisation plan. His broad technical background enabled him to handle matters as diverse as cryptography and biodegradable plastic. For more information on Benjamin, visit his personal website.


Larry M. Goldstein is a patent attorney registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office, as well as a lawyer in both the United States and Israel. He has many years of experience in writing patents within the field of information & communication technology, in valuing patents, and in the management of patent portfolios. He has written five books on patents, including his most recent one about provisional patent applications. Books on patent pools and aggregated patent licensing: 1a. Technology Patent Licensing: An International Reference on 21st Century Patent Licensing, Patent Pools and Patent Platforms (2004) 1b. 技术专利许可:21世纪专利许可、专利池和专利平台的国际性参考书 (2018), a translation into Mandarin Chinese of Technology Patent Licensing THE PATENT QUALITY SERIES™ 2. True Patent Value: Defining Quality in Patents and Patent Portfolios (2013) 3. Litigation-Proof Patents: Avoiding the Most Common Patent Mistakes (2014) 4. Patent Portfolios: Quality, Creation, and Cost (2015) 5. Provisional Patent Applications: Use and Abuse (2018)